Business Matrix (ERP)

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Every organization is split into different departments. These departments specialize in specific functions that directly relates to a business activity of an organization. This is when ERP comes into picture to manage business, and it integrates core business areas such as manufacturing, distribution, financials and human resources.

Project Insider (PMS)

In modern work places, teams are not just restricted to one place, they are scattered across locations - national and international, Clients have multiple contacts for different tasks in single project, multiple documents and their versions are exchanged during a project life cycle, Project Managers are under stress to meet tight deadlines, there is 24*7 working requirement, timely update on each and every task to stakeholders including Client is critical to the success of a project. As a result, proactive project monitoring and resource utilization are keys to meet strict deadlines and tight budget.

With more and more wide-scale projects involving multiple teams across many countries and time zones, cloud-hosted management tools are becoming essential to effectively assign tasks and resources.

Project Insider is a tool, which can help you to manage project efficiently and give data to measure utilization and performance of any resource including managers. It is a web and mobile-based solution that can be accessed from web and mobile means anywhere, anytime. It helps to Plan, Organize and Monitor project and task quickly and precisely. The design of Project Insider makes it perform activities like estimation, cost control and budget management from a single interface. It will also ensure that every single unit of your inventory and single minute of you time is assigned to project thereby reducing scope of mis-management on inventory and precise utilization of time of every resource.

Biznext Financial Accounting

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